Nakashima Propeller is a general manufacturer of marine propellers and other propulsion equipment. Nakashima Propeller provides reliable propulsion equipment for vessels navigating the world’s oceans and seas.

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Propeller blade polishing

Propeller polishing for fuel saving

When marine growth accumulates on a propeller’s surface or surface roughness increases due to aging, propeller efficiency lowers and fuel consumption increases. To lower fuel consumption, fuel-saving polishing, where propeller blades are polished to reduce blade roughness, is effective.

Various test records and data show how propeller surface roughness influences propeller efficiency. A comparison between a highly polished propeller with a roughness of 12 m Rz (approx. 3 μRa) and one finished with a rough grinder to a roughness of 50 μm Rz (approx.10 μRa) indicates a difference of approx. 3.5 % in efficiency and 1.7 rpm at equal horsepower.

Propeller polishing for fuel saving

Fuel-saving polishing procedures

  1. Polishing in dry-dock (Polishing can be performed with the propeller attached on the shaft)
  2. Polishing underwater (Polishing can be performed when the ship is anchored or when loading or unloading cargo)

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