Nakashima Propeller is a general manufacturer of marine propellers and other propulsion equipment. Nakashima Propeller provides reliable propulsion equipment for vessels navigating the world’s oceans and seas.

Company Profile

Message from the President

  • Motoyoshi Nakashima
  • Motoyoshi Nakashima
    Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.

Nakashima strives to create optimal products for people and society.

Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. has a history of manufacturing built-to-order products.
We believe our unusual way of producing industrial goods represents our individual personality and Company culture. By utilizing and further developing this notion, we aspire to contribute to the future wellbeing of society.
The key to manufacturing built-to-order marine propellers is to combine skilled craftsmanship with digital technology. By bringing these seemingly contradictory elements together, we have been able to meet our customers’ requirements by creating optimal propellers that are unlike any other.
Going forward, we will continue to meet the challenge of responding to each and every customer’s diverse needs in an appropriate manner to enable limitless possibilities to take shape.
Based on the concept of being an “optimal product creation company,” we will continue to strive to make new products a reality, with the goal of sharing our impressive achievements with people and society.