Nakashima Propeller is a general manufacturer of marine propellers and other propulsion equipment. Nakashima Propeller provides reliable propulsion equipment for vessels navigating the world’s oceans and seas.

Product lineups

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Main propulsion systems
Fixed pitch propellers

  • Built-to-order  - Creation of optimum products
  • Design and analysis technology
  • World-class propeller factory
  • With its integrated technologies, Nakashima provides high-performance and high-quality propellers by optimally balancing propulsion efficiency, strength and vibration performance according to each customer’s special requirements.

NHV effect

  • NHV Type
    NHV Type
  • Conventional Type
    Conventional Type

Because of Nakashima’s unique technology, hub vortex causing energy loss and rudder erosion can be reduced by using specially shaped propeller blades, without the use of any special accessories. Reduced hub vortex improves efficiency and prevents rudder erosion.

Tip Rake effect

  • Tip Rake effect
    Tip Rake Type
  • Conventional Type
    Conventional Type

The unique shape of the blade tip developed by Nakashima is expected to reduce cavitation and aft fluctuating pressure.

High skew effect


Propellers with a sharp sweepback are called “high skew” propellers. Their unique shape reduces the vibration of a vessel's body as well as propeller noise.

Keyless propellers

Keyless propellers

With keyless propellers, no key is used to connect the rotating shaft and propeller. When the propeller shaft is press fit into the shaft hole of the propeller, the contact part becomes completely joined under specific conditions. Once the shaft and propeller are joined, the propeller is completely attached without being pressed back from the shaft. Since keyless systems are extremely reliable, most large-size merchant vessels use keyless propellers.

-Technology- Customized production
-Support- Support ship's entire lifecycle