Nakashima Propeller is a general manufacturer of marine propellers and other propulsion equipment. Nakashima Propeller provides reliable propulsion equipment for vessels navigating the world’s oceans and seas.

Product lineups

Overseas Vessels

Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. boasts a complete line-up of and enviable results in propulsion equipment for all large vessels, including the tankers, container carriers, passenger vessels and freight vessels that ply the oceans of the world.
Our impressive list of results and high levels of reliability support agreeable and safe navigation.

  • Fixed pitch propeller
  • Controllable pitch propeller MODEL XL
  • Controllable pitch propeller MODEL XS
  • Electric propulsion system
  • Tunnel type thruster MODEL TCT
  • Shafting System Shafting system
  • Becker rudder, Conventional rudder