Nakashima Propeller is a general manufacturer of marine propellers and other propulsion equipment. Nakashima Propeller provides reliable propulsion equipment for vessels navigating the world’s oceans and seas.

Company Profile

Company Overview and History


Company Name Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
Established November 2008
President Motoyoshi Nakashima
Capitalization 100 million yen
Number of employees 441
Nakashima Group Constituents


  • Zenichi Nakashima starts Nakashima Foundry casting copper alloy in Shimoishii, Okayama City
  • 美津輪プロペラの商標
  • Mitsuwa Propeller trademark
  • 合名会社中島鋳造所として法人組織化
  • Names “Mitsuwa Propeller” as brand name of small-sized propellers and establishes trade mark with three overlapping circles.
  • Company organizes as partnership corporation Nakashima Foundry.
  • Establishes Nakashima Casting Industries Co., Ltd. in response to increases in propeller demand.
  • 直径4,000mmプロペラ
  • 4,400mm diameter propeller
  • In preparation for increasingly larger ships and vessels, decided to develop as a large-sized manufacturer.
  • Changes trade mark to Eagle mark.
  • イーグルマーク商標
  • “Eagle” trademark
  • 大型NC翼面加工機1号機
  • The first NC vane surface machining system
  • Completes new factory and relocates all departments to Jotokitagata, Joto-gun(currently, Jotokitagata, Higashi-ku, Okayama City).
  • Changes corporate name to Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
  • Business establishment certification based on the Ship Safety Law by the Ministry of Transport.
  • Succeeds in development of keyless propellers.
  • Technical cooperation of controllable pitch propellers and side thrusters with Stone Manganese Marine Ltd., in England.
  • Introduces computers (Large-sized host computer FACOM230-15).
  • Introduces large-sized NC blade surface machining equipment.
  • Technical cooperation of Becker-rudder with Willi Becker in Germany.
  • ハイスキュープロペラ
  • Highly skewed propeller
  • Develops high skewed propeller.
  • Spins Equipment Design Department off as separate company to establish Nakashima Engineering Ltd.
  • Newly establishes System Department and starts sales of personal computer CAD “ANDES.”
  • Develops surface propellers.
  • In order to expand business in the information and communications field, spins System Department off as separate company to establish Systems Nakashima Co., Ltd.
  • Performs CI and changes trade mark to N mark.
  • Nマーク
  • “N” trademark
  • メロディーベル1号機
  • The first Melody Bell
  • 人工関節
  • Artificial Knee Joint
  • 本館事務所
  • Main office building
  • Utilization of structural analysis and electronic control systems and development of “Melody Bell.”
  • As an environmental representation product, Planning and Sales performed by Nakashima Engineering.
  • Receives a manufacturing license for medical devices from the Ministry of Health and Welfare to develop artificial joints made of titanium alloy.
  • Introduced stereolithographic equipment “SOUP.”
  • Sales collaboration of thrust equipment including “Pump-jet” and “Rudder-propeller” with Schottel in Germany.
  • Establishes Nakashima Uchida Corporation, sales company of business equipment through joint capital investment with Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
  • Completes private electric generator by cogeneration system.
  • Inaugurates Medical Department.
  • Head works of Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. acquires ISO-9001 certification first in the propeller industry field.
  • Completes racing propeller factory in Head office premise of Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
  • Completes new head office of Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
  • Received Nikkei New Office Award.
  • “NICE 80” developed by Systems Nakashima Co., Ltd. as an in-house intranet receives Minister of International Trade and Industry Award as a superior information systems.
  • Technical corporation in manufacture of Model TCT thrusters with Korea KT Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Completes medical building.
  • In celebration of the 75th anniversary, donates a large-sized propeller to Museum of Maritime Science in Higashiyashio, Tokyo.
  • メディカル棟
  • Medical office and factory building
  • 船の科学館
  • The Museum of Maritime Science in Tokyo
  • 玉島工場
  • Tamashima Works
  • ナカシマベトナム第2工場
  • Nakashima Vietnam Co, Ltd.
  • ミカドジャパン株式会社を設立
  • Nakashima Philippines Corporation
  • Completes R&D center in Haga Research Park, Okayama City.
  • Medical Business Department acquires ISO-13485 certification.
  • Completes Tamashima Works for manufacturing large-sized marine propellers.
  • Employee, Hisayuki Miyata receives Prime Minister’s Award “First Monozukuri Japan Grand Prix.”
  • His Imperial Highness visits our factory.
  • Completes factory of Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Haiphong City, Vietnam and starts operation.
  • Reorganization of the group with Nakashima Holdings at its core. Split off of the Medical Department to create a separate company called Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Nakashima Vietnam Co., Ltd. constructs its second factory in the Dinh Vu Industrial Zone in Haiphong City and begins operations.
  • The Mikado Group merges with Nakashima Holdings.
  • Established Nakashima Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
  • Mikado Japan Co., Ltd. changed its name to Nakashima Mitsuwa Propeller Co., Ltd.
  • Mikado Philippines Corporation changed its name to Nakashima Philippines Corporation.